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Build your brand and Grow your influence

Congo saves you hours of work by automating video post production. Its like having an army of workers behind the scenes doing all the tedious work, freeing you up to be more creative and tell more stories! 




Tell stories faster

Every great story has a beginning, middle and end. Congo automates the beginning and the end allowing you to focus on creating the content in the middle. Think of it like adding book covers to all your video content. 

With Congo you can automatically add your brand logo, watermark, pre-roll animation, post-roll call to action video, tags, title, descriptions, metadata and more.

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Send video everywhere

Eliminate the pain of uploading your videos one at a time to each social network! Decide in advance which platforms you want to send your content to and Congo automates the rest.

Uploading your video to the social network has 10x higher reach than posting a link
— Social Bakers 2016


Collaborate with groups

If you work with a team, have them create video for you which you can control, moderate and measure. Assign permissions to each user and determine a schedule for when you want the content to push to your social pipes.

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