Your Video Buzz Team

Take your event to the next level with near-live branded video.

What We Do

Want to increase engagement and leverage social video at your next event? Let Congo’s expert “Buzz Team” find, capture and share the amazing moments across your social channels.

Branded Video

Near-live video automatically branded with your brand details (pre roll video, post roll CTA, watermark, metadata).

Send Everywhere

Have your branded video uploaded across owned social channels all at once.

Create Buzz

Branded video during events returns over 400% higher engagement among attendees.


Our expert crew captures and share the most epic moments of your events.

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Give your event attendees content to talk about, like and share!

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Our Buzz Team Captures the Fun

No matter what type of gathering, if there is people, there is fun to be captured and shared. Our expert teams know how to find the memories!

Case Study

Pulse Conference 2017 (Oakland, CA)

3 Days - 80 branded videos (Twitter and Facebook). Daily recaps, fun moments, session take-aways, speaker highlights, testimonials.

450% increase in engagement and 1500% increase in views over 2016 event. See videos posted during the event HERE.

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Give your event attendees content to talk about, like and share!


Does Congo take care of everything during the event?

Yes. We’ll send a team of our talented Buzz crew to your event armed with CONGO, gimbals and awesome vibes ready to capture the excitement of your event. We’ll work closely with event staff before and during the event to make sure we cover all the action.

Where do the branded videos post to?

We connect into the brands owned social networks. When we create your campaign, you decide which social accounts you want to post to. Our patented technology is able to post branded native video to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Vimeo all at once.

Can you help us create pre-roll and post-roll videos?

We have a world class creative team who are expert in designing and creating motion graphics and anything else you might need. We love to help our clients look amazing!