digital marketing


internal and external branded video campaigns across your organization

All the tools to save you time, increase video output and nail your KPI's 



Save time, because time = money

Congo automation tools saves Gainsight hours of post-production work while allowing them to produce 3x the volume of content, freeing up their team to focus on other important tasks. 

Digital marketers remain in control and can direct when the content is delivered and to what social channels. Select from any or all of the following branding elements to be added to all of your social video:

  • Pre-roll logo animation
  • Post-roll call to action video
  • Watermark
  • Title, description, tags
  • Website links
  • Metadata
  • Thumbnail image

UPLOAD TO: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Vimeo all at once.



group publishing

Congos powerful group publishing tools allows Gainsights marketing and communications team to assign groups of people to create and submit content. It allows them to host multiple campaigns at once while the leadership remains in total control and can direct the narrative. 

Congo can be used for internal/external communications, training, brand ambassador programs, events, testimonials, buzz team, different locations/stores, customer success and driving consumer engagement.

The sky's the limit when it comes to the type of campaigns you can create, use creativity and empower the goldmine of talent that is in your people.


gainsight pulse 2.png

Action + Buzz + Communication

Congo makes it easy for Gainsight to capture the Action, Buzz and Communication that goes on around their brand! We call it the ABC's of an epic social video strategy. 

ACTION: Share the fun, activity and excitement that goes on around your brand. Using Congo, Gainsight shares content from their events, parties, roadshows and conferences to the world. Results have shown to boost employee moral and makes recruiting easier by displaying their awesome company culture. 

BUZZ: Create exciting content that your community and fans will want to engage with and share. At Gainight Pulse conferences, branded buzz video increases engagement on Twitter and Facebook over 500% day-over-day. 

COMMUNICATION: Vlogging, inter-office communication, key leadership presentations to full blown training and education sessions. Congo makes it a breeze for Gainsight to create, capture and share professional looking branded video.

We’ve seen over 500% increase in day-over-day engagement across social media at our events with near-live branded video. What used to cost thousands of dollars and take months of work, can now be done in seconds. Congo is amazing!
— Anthony Kennada, CMO (Gainsight)


How it works


1. Campaign Setup

First, you create a campaign on our web portal and decide what branding elements you want added to every video (Pre-roll logo animation, post-roll call to cation, watermark and more). Then you will set rules to your video campaign including what social media pipes you want the branded videos to go to. This setup occurs once, but can be modified anytime. 

<> Set default branding elements

<> Connect to social media accounts

<> Establish the rules of your campaign



2. Submit content

Your team will create or edit video on their smartphone, then upload to the correct Congo campaign via our "share extension" or within the app upload feature.

<> Select campaign to upload into

<> Add title, description and tags

<> Decide which social pipes to post to


3. Moderate & Measure

Powerful features on our web portal allow you to moderate content, single button takedown across all social networks, and schedule your posts.

<> Full control of content everywhere

<> Schedule posts

<> Analytics