5 Tips For Vlogging Success

At Congo we're big fans of being content driven rather than being heavy on production. One of the main purposes of our platform is to help people publish more content, more often. We believe the world is a better place when people document their life, adventure and fun. It inspires those around you to embrace life and enjoy the moments!

With that in mind, here are our top 5 tips for vlogging success.


1) Be Authentically You

You are unique, you are special, there is no one else in the world like you, so celebrate your diversity and be authentically YOU. There's nothing worse then a fake, and your audience can smell it from a distance. So if you feel the pressure to copy someone else because they seem to be popular or growing subscribers faster than you, don't copy their style and think it will help... It won't! There may be things you can learn from them, ie the way they tell stories, how they're leveraging technology, or how they structure their metadata to make the post more effective. Learn and grow, but be authentically you, this is step one towards your vlogging success.


2) Give Us Facetime

Video showing peoples faces have proven to grab attention, increase view time and boost engagement. The face works to establish trust and builds an emotional connection between you and your viewer. Since faces grab attention better than nearly anything else, you can use them to direct your viewers’ focus to the key elements in a scene. Another big point to mention, is that your face will also set an emotional tone for the entire vlog... so use it appropriately :) 


3) Create Space And Let Your Vlog Breathe

Did you know that when you build a fire, you must give equal attention to the space between the logs as much as the logs itself. Why? Because fire needs to breathe. In the same way, a vlog needs to have periods of excitement and energy, tempered with moments of chill and space. This can be achieved in many ways, for example: some subtle b-roll, slow mo or a cut to breathtaking scenery. The methods may change however the principle remains the same... use space appropriately in your vlogs and your viewers will love you for it.


4) Don't Be Boring

Can I say that again? Don't be boring! Put some thought into your content, what you'll say, what you'll do, where you'll be. It all matters. If you want your viewers to part with their precious time and watch you, create content that is valuable to them. Add personality and flair into your vlogs through different editing techniques and be sure to not make your vlogs too long! Keep things moving and fresh.


5) Let The Tools Help

To help enhance you vlogging success be sure to have an array of tools to help. Check out our article on The 6 Most Important Vlogging Tools and select what you need. Technology can save you time and help you tell stories better.


If you're not already using Congo for Vlogging, create an account today and let us automate your brand storytelling and distribution. Did you know Congo can save you hours of work by automatically uploading your content to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Vimeo all at once. Sign up today!