6 Easy Ways To Turn Your Team Into Brand Ambassadors

One of the largest untapped marketing goldmines across the world today exists right under our nose. So close in-fact, that everyday in our offices we interact, touch and even smell this heavenly resource, and yet we've largely ignored its potential as brand ambassadors!

I'm talking about your team, the co-workers, employees and volunteers that make up your organization. The people who are passionate about your product, service or cause and are daily activated and engaged. They are some of your greatest marketing assets, but are you leveraging them?

If not, lets explore some ways to get activate and engage them in your marketing strategy.

1) Let them tell stories

Engage your team and ask them to tell your stories. Create a Congo campaign and have them share short stories about your workplace culture, customer successes, celebrations and wins. These stories will translate into a big morale boost and create an excitement around the office. You can share these stories internally or externally as appropriate to your entire community and across your social pipes

2) Create an internal "Buzz Team". 

We often talk about the power of "Buzz Teams" within events and organizations. Create a team who's job it is to find and capture on video the exciting things that go on within the office and at your events. You'll be surprised at how fun this is and our research has found that buzz team branded content averages over 500% increase in engagement. 

3) Reward them

This is a simple one, but can have HUGE results when motivating behavior. Find what works for your team and budget, but we suggest giving away giftcards, prizes or cash to team members who create great content as brand ambassadors. 

4) Don't just create, document!

Often people get paralyzed by the fear or pressure of creating the perfect content. Shift your paradigm of thinking and focus more on documenting your day than trying to manufacture the flawless content. Set your people free from the bondage of "perfection" and have them document their day, share their thoughts and pass on their expertise.

5) Let them loose

Let your brand ambassadors (team) out of the bullpen to visit clients and capture their stories on camera. Not only does this exercise increase team morale, but it builds deeper relationships with your customers and builds loyalty.

6) Offer training

The more you switch on your team members as brand ambassadors, the more training you'll want to offer to increase the quality and frequency of new content. You'll find certain people have a passion and a knack for it, put them in charge of training sessions celebrate each new achievement.

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