Speed Vlogging 101

I want to introduce you to a new trend and invite you to join the fun. A movement called "Speed Vlogging". Speed Vlogging is a way of for creators who are passionate about getting content out to the world fast, from their mobile phone. Documenting adventures of you in the world, exploring, having fun and inspiring others to do the same.

Speed Vlogging is one of the reasons we created Congo. We have a core belief that EVERYONE should explore the world, tell their stories and document their adventures. In doing so you'll savor the memories and inspire others to get out of the rat race and live life to the fullest.


Rules of speed vlogging

1) Only use smartphones.

Speed Vloggers are fast and loose. They don't have the time or the luggage room to carry around tons of gear. Their secret weapon IS their phone. Its always primed and ready to capture the adventure.

2) Edit content on-the-go.

Speed Vloggers can't stand to be slowed down by tedious editing on their computer... So we cut the cord (so to speak). Using some of the best editing apps available on the phone like Cameo, VivaVideo, iMovie and Splice, Speed Vloggers save hours of work and push they content out in minutes.

3) Share everywhere.

Speed Vlogging is all about getting your content to the most amount of people as possible. Using Congo you can share instantly to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Vimeo all at once. Upload to your video campaign directly from the Congo app, via the share extension or through our web uploader.


Equipment needed for Speed Vlogging

To speed vlog effectively, all you really need is a smartphone and your favorite . However, for people who want to up their game and get a few extra tools to boost your effectiveness. We recommend you stock up on some of these awesome beauties. 




For more tools, check out our comprehensive blog post on The 6 Most Important Vlogging Tools.


How does Congo help?

Speed Vlogging is exciting and the results are outstanding. Congo is here to help you capitalize on the momentum you'll enjoy and grow your brand at the same time.

Make sure your brand is prominently reinforced on all your your Speed Vlogging content (pre-roll, post-roll, watermark, metadata, thumbnail etc). Pick and choose what brand elements you want attached to your content, and set your video campaign on our website.

 Congo is the fastest and easiest way to brand your video content. If you haven't already got an account, start your FREE trial today.