How To Build Your Brand With Engaging Content

Content is becoming increasingly important in todays marketplace. If you want to reach more people, increase engagement, drive traffic to your website, supercharge sales and build your brand awareness, you need to be churning out content that is valuable to your target audience... and lots of it.

Why use video? 

The data is clear, video has proven to be the most effective way to reach more people. 

  • A Facebook video receives, on average, 135% more organic reach than a Facebook photo (Socialbakers, 2015). 
  • Videos are 6X more likely to be retweeted than photos and 3X more likely than GIFs (Twitter, 2016).

The content you create should drive your viewers deeper into your brand experience.


Here are 5 quick questions to ask as you create your video content to build your brand.


1) Will this content add value to your audience?

Your first goal should be to create content that leaves your audience feeling better about themselves, with more knowledge on a particular topic or simply entertained. Create content that aligns with your brand, but think first of your viewer... when you add value, you'll build your brand.

2) What is the action you want your viewer to take after viewing your content? 

Do you want them to buy your product, leave a comment, donate money or simply walk away with new information supplied by your brand? Make this call to action clear by wrapping your video content in a post-roll video.

3) Is my content optimized for ongoing traffic?

Make sure you create titles and descriptions that are exciting and accurate with the content you create. Use tags and metadata so that the hosting platforms will prioritize your content and serve it to the most people. This will ensure your awesome content gets seen by the most amount of people.

4) How will you promote the content after you hit publish?

Make a plan to "boost" your content on social media to reach more of your targeted audience. Think about what group(s) of people will receive the most value from this piece of content and serve it to them as an ad or sponsored post.

5) Is this content sharable?

If your content adds value to people, they will be more likely to share it with their community. While virality can never be guaranteed, the easiest path to seeing content take off, is to ask "would I share this?". When people share your content, you build your brand!

If I do this, what are the end results?

Branding, whether it be company or personal is vital because it leads to more contacts, more conversions, more clients, more engagement and more recognition. It makes you stand out from the pack. Branding WITH great content, makes you the EXPERT. As the expert, you win!

Its worth the investment of time as you develop your content strategy and consistently put out more content. The benefits are long term and will help you scale your business exponentially.