The Future of Brand Activation

A fast-learning, AI-powered platform that measures influence and drives consumer behavior through social video and gamification.

Let Your Fans Do Your Marketing

Viral video campaigns, gamification, vlog tools, branded video automation, machine learning and deep analytics with earned media value

Content Creation

  • Measure influence across social media channels and use our powerful Vlogging tools. Congo’s AI wraps your data up in one place and gives deep analytics, and insights to improve your influence.

Brand Activation

  • Use Congo to leverage and brand UGC, measure its influence across social channels and quantify its power to drive consumer actions. Let your fans tell your story and reap the rewards.

Event Engagement

  • Want to increase engagement and leverage social video at your next event? Let Congo’s expert “Buzz Team” find, capture and share the amazing moments across your social channels.

Ready to unleash your brand?

Let Congo supercharge your video marketing strategy today!

Use Cases

Fortune 500

Leverage the influence of fans and community members.


Mobilize passionate people who follow your cause.


Which fans impact ratings the most? Who drives viewers?



Analyze groups & organizations collective influence.


Measure teacher effectiveness and student response.


Determine and reward your biggest fans.