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congo is the fastest and easiest way to vlog on the go

save time, post more content and never touch a computer again.

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Automated branding

Save hours of post-production work and automate what branding elements you want attached to all your content. Set it once, then Congo weaves it magic every time you post. Select from any or all of the following:

  • Pre-roll logo animation
  • Post-roll call to action video
  • Watermark
  • Title, description, tags
  • Website links
  • Metadata
  • Thumbnail image


Upload once, send everywhere

Congos powerful syndication technology allows you to upload video to your campaign from anywhere in the world and then within moments, or at pre-scheduled intervals, branded video appears on your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo accounts.

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Remain in creative control

Use your favorite video editing apps on your iphone and then simply share your edited video through Congo for branding and syndication. Congo's SHARE EXTENSION allows you to upload your videos from the photos app on your phone directly to our cloud servers.

Here are a list of our top 5 video editing apps available on your iphone. 



How it works


1. Campaign Setup

First, you create a campaign on our web portal and decide what branding elements you want added to every video (Pre-roll logo animation, post-roll call to cation, watermark and more). Then you will set rules to your video campaign including what social media pipes you want the branded videos to go to. This setup occurs once, but can be modified anytime. 

<> Set default branding elements

<> Connect to social media accounts

<> Establish the rules of your campaign



2. Submit content

Create or edit video in any of your favorite apps, then simply upload to your Congo campaign via our "share extention" or within the app upload feature.

<> Select campaign to upload into

<> Add title, description and tags

<> Decide which social pipes to post to


3. Moderate & Measure

Powerful features on our web portal allow you to moderate content, single button takedown across all social networks, and schedule your posts.

<> Full control of content everywhere

<> Schedule posts

<> Analytics