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Immediacy and engagement

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Save time

Gather incredible content from your community the moment it happens

Brand everything

Automatically add a pre-roll logo, watermark, or a post roll call-to-action to every video

supercharge ENGAGEment

Why wait to edit on a computer? Share to the world while you're out and on-the-go


Platform Features


Create campaigns

First, you create a campaign on our web portal and decide what branding elements you want added to every video (Pre-roll logo animation, post-roll call to cation, watermark and more). Then you will set rules to your video campaign including what social media pipes you want the branded videos to go to. This setup occurs once, but can be modified anytime. 

  • Set default branding elements
  • Connect to social media accounts
  • Establish the rules of your campaign

Contest or Assignment

Congos powerful group publishing tools allows you to assign others to create and submit content. Host multiple campaigns at once while you remain in total control and direct the narrative. Use Congo for internal/external communications, training, brand ambassador programs, events, testimonials, buzz team, different locations/stores, customer success and driving customer engagement.

The sky's the limit when it comes to the type of campaigns you can create, use creativity and empower the goldmine of talent that is in your people.

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Eliminate the pain of uploading your videos one at a time to each social network! Decide in advance which platforms you want to send your content to and Congo automates the rest.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • You Tube
  • Vimeo

moderate content

Powerful features on our web portal allow you to moderate content, single button takedown across all social networks, and schedule your posts.

  • Full control of content everywhere
  • Schedule posts
  • Analytics


Coming soon

Engage your fans in the brand story

Imagine tens of thousands of your fans or community telling your story with video across their social channels? Organic reach and influence like never possible before with user generated content. You control the message, direct the story, moderate the content, analyze its influence and reward the creators for participating.

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Congo Campaigns

Where causes & brands connect with fans for video storytelling.

Start a movement - Tell stories - Engage your fans